Burns Supper returned in January 2023

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Burns Night is fantastic at Priory Lodge and WM John Wenborn returned Burns Night on January 13th 2023 and everyone who attending this white table evening said they had a wonderful time. Watch the film below.

As a lodge we will always remember W Bro Jim Mail (RIP) who made our lodge locally famous for this occasion every year and sadly passed to the grand lodge above during summer 2022, WBro Mail will be terribly missed and always remembered by all those who knew him.

2023 Burns Night was £14pp

Starter: Haggis Neeps and Tatties

Main: Roast Beef with Seasonal Vegetables and Roast Potatoes

Dessert: Meringue Nests with Raspberries and topped with Whipped Double Cream.

To follow: Coffee and Mints

Film of Priory Lodge Burns Night 2023

Our Burns Night meal at our January 13th meeting was £14pp. Please book in via booking email at bookyourmeal@keynshamfreemasons.co.uk

What a great evening we all had in January 2020 just six weeks before the UK went in to lockdown as a result of Covid. We had 72 people attend this celebration of Robert Burns who was a famous Freemason, our attendees were treated to the piper leading the procession in to the main hall lead by WBro Jim Mail and the captured Haggis, prepared and cooked by the Chef and carried in by the WM.
W Bro Jim Mail gave the address to the haggis in his wonderful Scottish style and with only a few attendees understanding the words he spoke from Robert Burns poetry.
The addition of a Piper certainly made the evening feel more enjoyable and who was Blu Plenty hired for the evening treated us all to 3 more tunes at the end of the meal.
Another highlight of the evening was seeing the WM trying to play the bagpipes, he certainly was a good sport but don’t give up the day job Richard.

Later in the evening and after the raffle, our WM presented a cheque to “Dial a ride” for £500 and this was further enhanced when the WM from the Carnarvon Mark Lodge also presented a cheque for another £500 on behalf of our lodges.

The final presentation was made by the Immediate past Master who presented a cheque to Bitton Scouts towards their summer camp.

After good Food, great company and wonderful entertainment, everyone went home overjoyed.

WBro Wenborn thanking WBro Mail in 2022 for a wonderful evening.
WBro Irwin participating with the toast to the haggis during his year in the chair.
WBro Lee Brimble presented Bitton Scouts with a cheque following his year in the Chair
WBro Andrew Wells thanks WBro Jim Mail for presentating the haggis during his year as WM
WBro Andrew Purchase invited representatives from his chosen charity to attend Burns Night and presented them with a cheque for £2200 following his year in the chair as WM.

WBro Jim Mail and WBro Philip Turner presented at WBro Richard Dredge’s year as WM.